2 Movers
Larger Moves
Additional Mover(s)
We have hourly rates based on the number of movers on the job. Rates vary some based on season/demand (i.e., summer rates are higher than winter) and extraneous conditions (i.e., higher rates for night time, hazardous conditions, extraordinarily unsanitary space, etc.).  All prices will be agreed on before the job; we never hide anything or add surprise costs. Contact us for a free quote!
The clock starts when our professionally trained movers arrive at the job site, and it ends when they leave the job site. All jobs have a 3-hour minimum (some exceptions). There is also a mileage fee of $1.25 per mile with a $10 minimum, calculated round trip and including any stops between.

For example:
-Total miles = 16 x $1.25 = $20 mileage fee

Additionally, there is a flat $95 fee for pianos and other extremely heavy pieces. For packing there is a small charge to cover costs of packing supplies. The price for movers includes all the tools and equipment we provide, the insurance we offer, and reflects the high-level professionals we employ. Prices are negotiable! We are happy to work with you.
Junk Removal
Junk removal prices are based on volume/weight and type of material. We offer free over the phone quotes, and on-site quotes. Pictures and detail descriptions help get an accurate estimate. If possible, we can start working while doing an on-site quote. Our prices start at $50. We pride ourselves on being environmentally-friendly and conscious of how we recycle/donate/dispose of materials. We love our city too much to do it any harm!