"How do you charge?" 

We charge an hourly rate based on the number of movers, plus a small travel fee based on roundtrip distance (from our location to yours, and back). Monday-Friday we have a 3 hour minimum, Saturday-Sunday we have a 4 hour minimum (we do make some exceptions).

"How many movers will I need?" 

For most moves, 2 movers is the right number. However, for larger moves like 3-4+ bedroom houses, multiple storage spaces, commercial spaces, etc. you will want 3-4 movers.

"Do you bring the tools?" 

Yes, we bring all the necessary tools to complete a move - and then some. We have hand trucks, floor dollies, multiple types of lifting straps, moving blankets, shrink wrap, furniture bands, ratchet straps, bungie cords, hand and power tools. You can also save a considerable amount of money by renting your own truck (since a rental has a flat fee, and companies provide them at an hourly cost with a minimum charge).

"Are there any other charges or hidden fees?" 

There is a flat $95 fee for moving upright pianos, $125 for baby grand pianos, and $50 for other extremely large items - about 300+ pounds - like gun safes. We do not tack on any fees or charges after/in the middle of the job, all costs are discussed and agreed upon upfront before the move.  Contact us today for a free quote! 


"Do I have to supply my own boxes and tape?" 

No, you do not. We can provide the boxes and packing materials at a cost similar to what you would see in stores like Uhaul, Home Depot, etc. Just let us know how many and what kind of boxes you want, or tell us about the items you need packed and we'll bring what we think is necessary (we can also do an in-person assessment).

"How do you charge for packers?" 

The same way we charge for movers - hourly and based on the number of packers - but at a lower rate. There's also only a 2 hour minimum for packing, instead of 3 or 4 for moving.

"I'm worried about my fragile/valuable items, can you safely pack those?" 

Absolutely, we use bubble wrap, foam, paper, whatever it takes to make sure each item is well wrapped and protected, even for long transits. We've been doing this for years, so we know how to make sure everything is safe and organized.

Junk Removal

"How do you charge for junk removal?" 

Our prices are based on weight/volume, type of material, and condition (if the items are in good condition and can be donated or recycled we don't charge as much as items that have to be disposed). Our minimum is $75. Location can also affect price, but not significantly. Pictures are best for accurate estimates, but if that can't be done then detailed descriptions (dimensions, weight, volume) can work. On-site estimates are preferred, and you'll get an exact price then and there (we can even potentially start hauling on the spot). Reach out today to set it up!

"Do you just take everything to the dump?" 

Not at all. The dump is our last resort; we try to recycle, donate, re-purpose and fix up every item we haul before we take it to the dump. We pride ourselves on being as green as possible.

"Do you take anything?" 

Just about; we'll take furniture, beds, electronics, wood, plastics, metals, chemicals and paints, trash, just ask! The only thing we do not take is construction debris/materials that don't have proper paperwork (tested for toxics like asbestos).