Our Story
This company was founded on the idea that with hard work and perseverance, you can accomplish any goal. We have big dreams and we are willing to take action, roll up our sleeves, and make it happen.  

Lakeside Labor consists of hard-working people from a variety of backgrounds: students, parents, and aspiring entrepreneurs alike. Despite our differences, we do have one thing in common; we are all diligent, friendly, and ambitious. We could have stayed at our old jobs, or took up something easier, but we chose to go to work for ourselves so we can begin the process of accomplishing our lifetime goals. 

To us, moving is more than picking up boxes and beds, junk removal is more than hauling trash - it’s the beginning of a new life chapter for our customers and we are committed to helping you get off to a great start! We enjoy seeing new places, meeting new people, and taking overwhelming tasks and making them a breeze.

We really appreciate you choosing us, it's because of your help that we can get there!

About the Owners
Jay:  “Outside of moving, I’m an avid certified scuba diver, beekeeper, screen printer and board game collector.  After high school I spent the next two years traveling all over. I've visited 28 countries and reached my goal of one million air miles traveled."

Blake: “When I’m not moving, I coach high school football in NE Portland, play all kinds of sports in intramural leagues, attend Portland State University part time, and love to spend time outdoors throughout the pacific northwest.”